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Santa Cruz Vineyard, enology and wine

In 2003 the Cardoen Group established Santa Cruz Vineyard, a pioneer project in tourism in the Valle de Lolol. Viña Santa Cruz is tucked in the prestigious Valle de Colchagua, 6th region of Chile.


Today, more than 150 hectares in full production convert grapes in our lines of wines Chaman Reserva, Chaman Gran Reserva, Make Make, Tupu and Santa Cruz, which together with pre-Columbian villages, modern museums, cable car, restaurant and more, give life to a healthy destination of family atmosphere that opens every day of the year to encourage wine tourism.

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Santa Cruz Vineyard, 100% Solar

Santa Cruz Vineyard, the first vineyard 100% Solar in Chile

In 2017, Viña Santa Cruz became the first vineyard 100% Solar in Chile. Thanks to the implementation of two solar plants - the first in the roof of our Car Museum, and the second in the backyard of our Enology Winery. Together, they produce energy enough to make us self-sufficient in terms of power supply. For us, natural resources are allies that provide us green solutions through investment in technology, and we are in the constant pursuit of sustainable improvement.

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