A vineyard with body and soul

100% SOLAR

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Who we are

Viña Santa Cruz, a vineyard with “Body and Soul” was born in 2003 under the innovative vision of the President of the Cardoen Group, Carlos Cardoen C., Chilean businessman, visionary and lover of our land, its traditions and the Terroir of Lolol.

We mix the great enological potential of Lolol with the cultural content of the people who lived in this wonderful place before us. Like this, the Body in our concept is reflected in our lines of wine Chaman Reserve Chaman Gran Reserva, Make Make, Tupu and Santa Cruz.

The Soul in our concept is easily recognizable at each visit. We invite you to meet our Body and Soul through our cable car that will transport you to the Mapuche, Aymara and Rapa Nui villages, the three mystical cultures that inspired our labels of and lines of wine.


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Our Mission

To achieve consistency and continuous improvement in our wine and tourism products through leadership and development of our employees until obtaining the best profitability and sustainability for our shareholders.


Our Vision

Producing grapes and wines of the highest quality in an efficient way, knowing better each day our terroir and taking the best of it in a sustainable way to deliver our products to our customers and visitors.

Viña Santa Cruz creates every bottle of wine with Pride, Experience, Transparency, Respect for Nature, Corporate Social Responsibility, Passion for Challenges and Creativity. And we invite you to discover each one of these values drop to drop, cup to cup.


Photovoltaic Life


We have created this concept of sustainable livelihood based on Solar Energy and the Wines of Chile Code of Sustainability, being aware that natural resources are scarce. In Santa Cruz Vineyard we get up to 70% of our water needs directly from rain, waters are collected in 3 water tanks distributed in our field. We recycle 100% of gray water in our plant riles constantly certified; bottles for consumption are recycled by our bottle supplier; and cartons and plastic are removed by a certified recycler twice a year.

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We are certified as Sustainable Vineyard since 2011. Year after year, we look for continuous improvement and such process involves three major areas to strengthen: Know-how (how to be better), Efficiency and Respect. These areas involve better processes in human resources, line products and responsibility with the communities in which our company is involved.

We are aware, responsible and proactive with the idea of leaving this land even a better land for creating quality products, and giving responsible entertainment.