Gran Chaman Tour

$9.000 - $30.000 2 horas

DURATION: 2:00 hours approx.

In our Chamán tour in Santa Cruz Vineyard, you will know “The Body and Soul” of our wines. The tour will be carried out with a professional guide in charge of making you an expert on the wine process and the pre-Hispanic cultures that inspire us.

The tour will begin by visiting our variety garden, where you will be able to know and to differentiate most of the strains that we have planted in our field, later you will visit the winery, that consists of the harvest yard, vinification hall and barrels room; The body of our philosophy, then in a cable car ride you will visit the Cerro Chamán, where the inspiration for our wines and labels was born; our Soul, you will know the Aymara, Rapa Nui and Mapuche cultures, faithful representatives of our prehispanic peoples. This tour ends with one of the best meteorite collections in our country, located in the Viña Santa Cruz Astronomical Center, which with its terrace at 250 meters above sea level delivers a unique and favorite postcard of our field and the valley for fans of photography.

Finish the experience by tasting our five Gran Reserva wines privately: Cabernet Sauvignon, Carménère, Malbec, Syrah and Merlot.

NOTE: Children between 0 and 10 years Free


Frequency: Every day
Hours: 10:00 to 17:00 (16 April – 6 Sept)

            10:00 to 18:00 (Sept 7 to April 15)


  • Wine tasting: G.R. Cabernet Sauvignon, G.R. Carmenere, G.R. Merlot, G.R. Malbec and G.R. Syrah.
  • Cable car tour.
  • Tour of the winery.
  • Village tour.
  • Meteorite Museum.


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