Body and Soul Tour

$9.000 - $23.000 2 horas

DURATION: 2 hours approx.

The tour begins with the knowledge of the body of our wines, in the variety garden, where our strains will be differentiated. With the guided tour of the winery, you will learn about the vinification process, visiting the grape harvest yard, the vinification hall and the barrels room. Then you will taste three of our wines, one from the Reserve line and two from the Grand Reserve line.

With an amazing view of the valley and the vineyard, the cable car will take you to know the soul of our wines.

On the Chamán hill, you will visit the indigenous villages, where on an audio-guided tour you will discover how the Aymara, Mapuche and Rapa Nui cultures lived in harmony with nature and its environment. What were their rituals, beliefs and especially their guides: the Machi and the Chamán, inspirers of our wines.

NOTE: Kids (5 and under) can enjoy FREE admission


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