The soul of our vineyard

Tourism Viña Santa Cruz

The ancient culture of enology says present in the Colchagua Valley and we offer an unforgettable experience to tell you its precious secrets sip by sip in our unique tastings. We open every day of the year.

Visit us and live an unforgettable experience!

Tour teleférico cerro chaman

Body & Soul Tour

Come and see the place where the Body connects with the Soul. Begin your tour by conquering the Body: In the garden of varieties you will learn how to differentiate our strains; right after you’ll pass to our wineries to learn the winemaking process and enjoy the tasting of three of our exclusive wines.

Then you will know the soul by using the cable car to enjoy most amazing views in your way to Cerro El Chaman. There, you will learn firsthand how the Aymara culture, Mapuche and Rapa Nui lived in harmony with nature and their environment through their rituals and beliefs. But especially, you will meet their guides Machi and Chaman, the inspiration behind our wines.

Do you want to live in Body and Soul?

Enological Tour

Know the art of winemaking processes, times and methods. Our tour guides will professionally explain step by step how we achieve the body of every one of our refined wines. You will delve into the cellars, pass through the grape harvest backyard, winemaking and barrel rooms to end with a tasting of three of our finest wines (one sample from the Reserva line, and two samples from the Gran Reserva line)

VVisit us and enjoy the Enologic Tour

Cerro Chaman Tour

Vive una experiencia mística en el Cerro Chaman Tour, Live a mystical experience in the Tour Cerro Chaman. Take a ride in the cable car that connects El Valle with El Cerro (Body & Soul), where you will discover the picturesque replicas of the typical homes where the Aymaran, Mapuches and Rapa Nui people used to live in. Connect with the cultures that have inspired our wines

Are you ready to ride in the cable car?

Bike Tour

Enjoy an incredible journey of 9 Km in the vineyards of Lolol, Colchagua Valley. In each corner of this route you will come across with paths surrounded by vines, natural dams for rainwater collection where you can watch fish and birds typical of the area. Also, you will find stopping points to relax, have a picnic and enjoy the outdoors.

Pedal our vineyard, take a bike tour

Ancestral Observatory Tour

The cable car will take you to the Planetarium in Cerro Chaman. There, more than 10 different talks about our universe, extraterrestrial life, landing on Mars and going back to the Moon -among others- will be waiting for you. We guarantee a day full of knowledge that students, business people or groups of friends will enjoy just the same.

Our planetarium enriches the attractions in Viña Santa Cruz, beside the recreation of the aborigin villages of our peoples, the Astronomical Observatory and the Museum of Meteorites, all these icons are a significant part of the cultural tourism in the area.

RGive yourself a moment of peace staring the stars

Icon Tour

With the Tour Icono, you will meet privately and from a personalized approach the Body and Soul of our wines. Starting with a carriage ride accompanied by a professional guide who will introduce you in the winemaking process, and etnias that have inspired our lines of wines.

Following, you will visit the winery (yard vintage, wine room and barrel room), you will enjoy a cable car ride towards Cerro Chaman to meet Aymara, Rapa Nui and Mapuche cultures.

We reserve the best for enclosing this tour, and it consists in a private tasting of three of our finest exponents of our lines of wines Gran Reserva, Tupu Limited Edition and our iconic Santa Cruz, accompanied by a good cheese board, as well as a great variety of dry fruits.


Experience the exclusivity with this Tour

Automobile Museum

We give you welcome to the new museum or the Cardoen Foundation, located in Viña Santa Cruz.
The Automobile Museum exhibits a permanent collection of more than 50 cars from different periods and purposes, just 30 minutes away from the city of Santa Cruz, by the Lolol route.

Restaurant Santa Cruz

Based on the culture and Chilean cuisine, we proudly present our Restaurant Viña Santa Cruz. Here you will find and enjoy the authentic taste of the typical food of our country, together with an incredible panoramic view of the vineyards and the valley of Lolol.

Contacto/ Reservas:
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  • Restaurant: Monday to Sunday from 13:00 to 16:00
  • Cafeteria: Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 16:00 to 17:30