Make your own wine

This activity consists in embodying an enologist for a day. It starts with a visit to the winery, where the one-day enology knows the production areas. Then we move to the designated place to perform the activity, the group of participants is divided into two groups, and they are assigned with a work table with the necessary elements to develop the experience.

Right after we pass to the tasting part.  We provide the groups with three samples of our Gran Reserva wines, which they will mix to make their own wine. Each group is divided into winemakers, label designers and presenters of the new product.

Following, both groups must show the presentation of the new wine. The winner group will be determined by the perfect mix of flavor, design and presentation.

The prize is a bottle of our Gran Reserva line to each participant of the winner group.


Duration: 1:30 hours approx.


From 10:00 to 17:00.

Tour available upon prior reservation, groups of a minimum of 8 people.






  • Tour to the winery.
  • Make your own wine activity and materials (apron, pencils, sheets, wine, droppers, etc.).
  • Tasting of 3 wines Gran Reserva
  • Bottle of wine Gran Reserva to each participant in the winner group.


  • Adulto: $29.000 / US $52*


Adults: $ 29,000 / US $52*

* Fee in USD valid only for foreign visitors.


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