Ancestral Observatory Tour

$12.000 - $20.000

Duration: 2.5 Hours Approx.

At sunset, we will take cable car to Cerro Chaman. A stunning view of our vineyards will accompany us on this journey into the past where we will see picturesque replicas of Mapuche, Aymara and Rapa Nui homes. In the ruca you can taste our wine Chaman Reserva in good company of all the aromas that impregnate this magical place.

At nightfall and in the meteorite room (which has more than 100 pieces on display), we will project a video that fully explains the astronomical knowledge of the three inspirational cultures.

You will finish this visit with a unique experience: Observing through advanced telescopes the same stars that our ancestors looked at the imposing sky of Colchagua.


Duration: 2.5 hours approx.

Schedule: from Thursday to Saturday.

Appointment times:

  • From Thursday 25th April until  Sunday 12th May - 18:00 hrs.
  • From Thursday 16th May until 28th August - 17:00 hrs.

Tour sujeto a condiciones climáticas.

Consult for more details.

Tour subjected to climate conditions.



  • Visit to Cerro Chaman and aboriginal settlements through cable car.
  • Tasting of 1 wine from our line of wines Reserva
  • Explanation of the astronomical knowledge of the three inspirational cultures.
  • Star-gazing through telescopes


Adults: $ 20,000 CLP / US $29*

Children Under 18: $ 12,000 CLP / US $ 16*

* Fee in USD valid only for foreign visitors


  • Net rates, not-commissionable
  • Groups of a minimum of 8 people, consult for more details.
  • Tours upon prior reservation


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